Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Teaser Tuesday!

“I’m trying to figure out what happened to my brother and I don’t need some silly American woman with man problems fucking everything up. I didn’t ask you to come with me!”
“Man problems?” My face was flaming.
“It’s written all over you. You’re mistrustful and uptight and angry. You’re here in Paris, the most beautiful city in the world, yet you wouldn’t know joie de vivre if it bit you in the ass. You may as well have ‘I’ve been dumped’ tattooed on your forehead. You’re so miserable and sorry for yourself it’s pathetic!”

Monday, November 29, 2010

Virtual Paris: How I wrote a book set in Paris without being there

I knew I wanted to write a book set in Paris before I’d even come home from my 2007 trip there. But by the time I was ready to start writing, I had a big problem. I found that I was able to rely on my memories of my visit to the City of Light when it came to some of the more memorable aspects of my trip, like my first sight of the Eiffel Tower. But I had completely forgotten smaller details such as street names, metro stops, and what wing of the Louvre housed certain artwork. Thank God for the web!  Here are some of the online resources I used to research Paris.

Google Maps-Just type in Paris France and you will get a map of the city. Click satellite and the map changes to satellite view and you can zoom in and out. But the best part is the street view feature. Type the name of a landmark, or a street address, in the search box and drag the little person icon over to the map and you’ll get a street view that can be turned 360 degrees.  This really came in handy as I was writing the scenes where Maya and Simon were on the run or I had to describe areas of Paris I didn’t get to see when I was there.

Louvre Virtual Tours & App -There are scenes in the book set both inside and outside the Louvre.  I was able to use Google maps for the outside scenes. But there were areas inside I needed to describe. Luckily, you can go the Louvre’s website and do a virtual tour of the different wings. There is also a free Musee du Louvre app you can download from iTunes that has details on 50 of the museum's major artworks, as well as photo and video tours, and info on the museum's opening times, prices and contacts! Did I mention it was free?

Palace of Versailles Interactive Map-There is a key scene set in the garden hedge maze in the gardens of Versailles where Maya is attacked. The scene takes place in the Encelade grove. If you’d like to see it and the other beautiful sights at Versailles, just go to the website and click on the interactive map to see inside of the palace as well as the grounds. And for a couple of bucks you can download the Gardens of Versailles App from iTunes!

Paris Metro Map-My trusty metro map was invaluable when I was in Paris. It was invaluable when I was writing TPS. Unfortunately, my well used map fell apart and I lost half of it! Luckily there is an online version! And for less than a buck on iTunes, there’s also the a Paris Metro App

Pere-Lachaise Cemetery-There aren't any scenes in The Paris Secret set in the famous Pere Lachaise Cemetery. However, Pere Lachaise, the Jesuit priest for whom the cemetery was named, makes a very brief appearance in the book. I didn't get a chance to tour the cemetery when I was in Paris but anyone can tour it virtually!

There was a time I wouldn't dream of writing about a city I'd never been to. But even though my first instinct is to actually travel to a location for research, with so much great info online I now feel a lot more confidant if I can't make the trip in person.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Teaser Tuesday!

Hold on! I stopped to catch my breath. He turned and gave me an impatient look.
Ive been following you around for over an hour and Im not taking one more step until you tell me who you are. I crossed my arms and waited.
He sighed then suddenly reached out and gently ran his fingers through my hair. His warm fingertips grazed my scalp and made my skin tingle. Our eyes met and I blushed.
 Hold still, he commanded softly as I fidgeted. When he pulled his hand away, he was holding a piece of windshield glass that Id missed.
Imstill waiting, I said, suddenly flustered.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Paris Secret Cover Copy!

Here is the official cover copy for The Paris secret! Enjoy!

Less than twenty-four hours after fleeing to Paris, Maya Sinclair is the prime suspect in a brutal murder—and targeted by the real killer. When she's viciously attacked in the gardens of Versailles, Maya barely escapes with her life thanks to sexy French journalist Simon Girard.

Simon has been investigating the mysterious death of his brother, an art forger with ties to the woman Maya is suspected of killing. Still healing from heartbreak of his own, Simon reluctantly joins forces with Maya, who has awakened feelings within him he thought long dead.

Their search for answers uncovers the existence of a secret society, and puts them on a quest to find a missing crucifix rumored to hold the key to everlasting life. Together, Maya and Simon race through Paris one step ahead of a killer who will do anything to ensure some secrets remain buried forever...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Teaser Tuesday!

I decided to play it cool and just walk away. But he grabbed the strap of my bag and yanked if off my shoulder, knocking me off balance. He shook the bag upside down, emptying the contents on the ground.
Hey! What the hell is your problem? Give me my bag back!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Teaser Tuesday!

Starting today I'm going to post brief excerpts from The Paris Secret. Enjoy!

With me shaking so badly, it was a miracle I managed to get the two of us downstairs to the lobby. Meryl sat sobbing on the bottom step while I pounded on the bell for the desk clerk.
Oui, madame, he said smiling.
Theres been a murder, I told him.  
Within fifteen minutes the hotel was swarming with police.


Monday, November 8, 2010

Cover Love & Release Date

I can finally share the cover for The Paris Secret! I love this cover! The model looks exactly the way I envisioned my heroine Maya Sinclair would look. The illuminated Eiffel Tower and the  alchemy pentagram in the background really make the cover pop and glow! The Paris Secret is a romantic suspense/thriller, with a heaping helping of paranormal and historical elements.  I think this cover does a great job of reflecting that. Revisions and edits are finished and it's been sent off to the Carina Press production team. On January 17, 2011, three years after I finished writing it, it will finally be released! Hopefully, I'll be able to post the official cover copy soon.

Thank you, Monika of Spinstudio for my fabulous cover!

Angela ; )