Monday, December 20, 2010

Character Interview: Ciaran Letang from Dream's Dark Kiss!

Today it's my pleasure to welcome Ciaran Letang, the heroine of Shirin Dubbin's paranormal romance novella, Dream's Dark Kiss, which releases today!

AH: Welcome Ciaran! Please tell us a bit about yourself. For instance, how do you pronounce your name?

CL: Hullo Angela! Thanks for having me. It’s KEER-un, from the old Gaelic, and means “little dark one”. [holds out arms] Well, mum hit that one on the head.

I have two jobs. During the day I manage an up market hotel. Through the night I carry out psychopomp duties and ferry the dead to the otherside. It’s freaky, I know, but it’s meaningful. The best bit is the “last hurrah” where a soul does something exhilarating before departing. Souls are always joyous in that final moment.

AH: What similarities do you share with author Shirin Dubbin and what are your differences?

CL: Shirin and I aren’t similar at all, although we are cousins. She’s slow to anger and I’m quick tempered. She’s a true southern American and I’m a London girl for true. We have a lovely relationship though—lots of laughs and love.

AH: Oh, I didn’t know you were cousins! That’s so sweet! How did you become a soul conductor?

I actually have no idea. [she laughs] I think it’s a right of birth. Something to do with spiritual proclivity, but I’m postulating ‘cause I’ve never meet another psychopomp/soul-conductor. Have you?

AH: Nope. You’re the only one!

CL: There you have it. I wouldn’t mind meeting someone who understands the life. The Dreaming started pulling me in around the age of ten. Can you imagine dreaming you’ve escorted Mrs. Braithwaite—from down the road—to her final reward only to wake up and find she choked on a toffee during the night? Terrifying.

AH: I’ll bet! As well as conducting souls to the other side, your day job is managing a London hotel. What do you find appealing and unappealing about both of your jobs?

CL: Ah, well, working with wealthy clientele invites all manner of eccentricity: rockers and diplomats strolling the halls in the nude (you’d be surprised how often that happens); heiresses playing call girl for the weekend. But there are just as many perks. I’ve been loaned villas in Tuscany for holiday and given luxury thank you gifts. One client, a princess, sent me an Alexander McQueen silk kimono jacket. God bless her soul.

The dead are eccentric as well. I’ve witnessed several last hurrahs that had me blushing like a smacked arse. Thank goodness, I don’t work with the baddies. I don’t know who escorts them over but I wouldn’t like to have that job. Actually, before I met Keoni and ran into the banes (nightmarish beasts) there were no drawbacks to soul conducting. Once I got old enough to understand the job I quite enjoyed it. Of course, meeting the literal man of your dreams changes everything.

AH: Okay, you knew this nosy question was coming? What's up with you and Keoni?

CL : [she smiles, blushing like the smacked bottom she mentioned earlier] He’s lovely. Better than lovely. I can’t tell you much more. Shirin’s got me under a gag order. My life has become a reality series and I can’t reveal the winner until the episode has aired. But, yes…Keoni is…lovely.

You wouldn’t have a crush on him would you, Angela?

AH: Who me? Um…(blushing)…no! Moving on! Should the waking world be worried about what goes on in The Dreaming?

CL: I shouldn’t say. I don’t want to cause a panic…and really, where would you run?

AH: Okay. Good point. What's next for Ciaran?

CL: I’ll have to tell you the details off the record, but [whispers] I’m on a quest.

AH: A quest, huh? Sounds exciting! Can’t wait to hear about it. Do you know if Shirin plans to give Archer...oops…I mean Keoni's other Somnian brahs their own stories?

CL: Ah ha, you fancy Archer. He’s nice (and I mean that in the British since).

I’m not sure about Shirin’s plans. I know she stalks the boys at, For Whom the Tale Tolls, their favorite pub. They don’t seem to mind though. She’s a funny girl.

AH: Is there anything else you'd like readers to know about you?

CL: I drone on at times and might be a bit pedantic but in this story I expose my deepest pain, shortcomings, failures, regaining laughter and falling in love. I couldn’t be more raw than I am in Dreams’ Dark Kiss. I’m not bothered a bit though. I fought back from the worst time in my life, through the scariest things I’ve ever faced, and came out on the other end—not only intact but better. [she blushes again] Keoni is lovely, isn’t he?

AH: Er, yeah, that’s one word for him ; )! Thank you so much for stopping by, Ciaran!

CL: [grins] Thanks to you. I’ll tell Archer you said hullo.

Want to win a copy of Dreams' Dark Kiss? Just tell us what your fantasy/paranormal dream job is in the comments section. For example, I'd love to be a librarian at Hogwarts or Doctor Who's traveling companion. And if you'd like another taste of how fierce and fabulous Ciaran is, check out her wardrobe below!

Ciaran from Dreams' Dark Kiss


  1. I'd love to be the coach of Harry's Quidditch Team! ANYTHING that involves flying. :-)

    Lovely interview! Look forward to the book!

  2. KEWL Interview! And the book sounds great!

    Holiday Hugs, Kari Thomas

  3. I love the name Ciaran. My cousin named her daughter that 'tho they spell it a little differently. I think my fantasy dream job would be a witch- not very exotic I know but think how useful it would be in every day life. Congrats on the release!!

  4. I'd love to be able to "See" spirits (dead people) and help them crossover!

    Loved the interview.
    Season's Greetings!

  5. I wouldn't mind winging homeward victorious in battle and sitting around a campfire and toasting marshmallows with Temeraire.

  6. Great interview. I really liked ending with Ciaran's wardrobe. Cool

  7. Hi ladies!

    I'm luving your choices of paranormal dream job. My choice is kind of tame but I'd want to be a healer like Leetah from Elfquest. I fell in love with that world the first time I saw book one.

  8. Thanks everyone for stopping by and commenting! I'm going to post the name of the winner of Dreams' Dark Kiss tomorrow!

    Happy Holidays!

  9. Hi :)
    I love character interviews!
    Thank you to Shirin for loaning Ciaran here.

  10. The winner of a copy of Dreams' Dark Kiss is...drum roll...Kari Thomas! Kari please email me at angelar.henry (at) with an email address to receive your prize!

    Thanks to everyone who who commented!